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In the past 30 years as a software developer, I have created a wide variety of commercially published products for various platforms including Android, Mac OS, Windows and Newton. I have focused on image processing, motion graphics, productivity apps and games. There are many other projects I have not listed here.

I love creating accessible and intuitive user interfaces, and artistic and creative applications of technology.

I like games, and love bringing the sense of fun and ease of use that genre holds dear to useful and productive applications.​​​​
Very useful app for android, and uses the all-new API to give a weather forecast to your exact location. Uses the GPS sensor on your phone to give your exact location to the API that receives your weather forecast for your exact location for the next hour. This is one of the first HyperLocal weather apps available for Android.

Very useful for commuters on bikes, motorcycles and dunebuggies (which I own one Myers Manx clone).

Dont get caught in the rain, just tap on this before you leave and know WHATS UP for the next 60 min.​​​​

Get it here​​
​Pointillism creates painterly effects from any picture...Interactively create your image in the style of Van Gogh or Cezanne...

And you dont even have to suffer for your art. Share your expression with your friends on facebook, or via SMS...

Be artistic with just tapping.

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Get your drink ASAP.

Get strange looks from people.

Realize there is a way to communicate that doesnt involve the interwebs. 
Useful and fun.

This is BARTEXTER!​​​​​​​​

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The first game I published commerically. For IBM-PC/XT... only available on 5" Floppy Disk... oh u youngsters with your interwebs... do u even know what a floppy disk is?

I created this game in BASIC, and made custom routines to load the bitmap animations of rolling the dice, and the board layout. I learned alot about craps, and that most people dont know that craps is the highest odds game in the casino. If you master this game, you can easily put your kids through college. Or... get kicked out of Vegas.​​
VideoEdge is an early video editing system for Macintosh. I created the software using Supercard with many custom XCMD's. Worked with a hardware engineer to implement the device control interface. It also had a complete titling & animation system, which I also wrote.

Here is the data sheet FRONT and BACK.

Cinelook is a plug-in tool that takes any video, computer animation, film-scan or photo and allows you to add grain, correct color and add film artifacts like dust, scratches, stains, hair and more.

Cinelook was designed to allow video producers to give their productions that "film look," and also allow film producers to add film-grain to computer and cel animation. It can also reduce film grain to better integrate scenes in film production. Cinelook has two versions, Broadcast and Film Res. Broadcast is limited to a resolution of 768x576 pixels (D1 NTSC & PAL). The Film Res version adds a de-grain filter, a hardware key and works up to 4K by 4K resolution.​​ Here is the manual.

                                                      Here are some screen shots:

​​​​​​​​​​ Here are some reviews

Mac User​​​​      MacWorld UK      Video Tools MacWorld
Aurorix is a set of 26 plug-in effects for After Effects. Here are some sample animations:​​


Berserk is a set of 20 plug-in effects for After Effects. Here are some sample animations:

Brochure front and back here.​​​​​​​​​​​​  Here is the manual.
Cyclonist is a powerful plug-in for After Effects that creates various animated particle-based effects.
Cinemotion is a plug-in for After Effects (and others) that changes the frame rate and scan-line interpretation of video to mimic film.

Here is a link to a review​​​​ (Sorry the pics are missing)
Paint Alchemy is a photoshop plug-in that creates impressionistic painterly effects with incredible control over how the effect is applied.
Hyperlocal Weather
Championship Casino Craps
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Personal Press is a entry-level desktop publishing package that featured one of the first "wizards" that allowed people to easily create customized templates with live previews.

I designed the UI and implemented the autocreate feature. Many ideas were taken from this application for use in Adobe's InDesign.​​
Euphoria is a set of 20 Photoshop plug-ins that do a variety of effects, from fire, bubbles, snow to distortion effects, muzzle flares and more.

Check out the manual.​​
Terrazzo is a photoshop plug-in that creates many different 2D tilings based on the source image. I wrote the user-interface from scratch. This was my first plug-in for photoshop. Screen Shot here.
Aurorix 2.0 Brochure front and back here. Here is the manual.
Battle Planets is a turn-based strategy game that I created in the mid 90s and released as shareware. I created the 3D-models, the UI, the game engine and the cheesy jokes.
Personality Test is a multimedia application that performed 4 different tests. I created the graphics, the UI, the question engine and the charting. I released it as shareware, it was very popular.
Cloud View USA uses the Space Science and Engineering center's real-time cloud composite animation for the past 4 hours.

The app uses a javascipt animator as a built-in web page, and grabs the data from the SSEC's site. I overlayed native android buttons to control the animation. The web page also accesses android APIs via a function call back.​​ Get it here
This is my personal dossier app, full of lies and deception, fun for the whole family... lol

It has a custom webview, and the app list sends intents to the other apps I have created. If they are not installed, it automatically directs to the google play store.  
​​Did someone say CHA-CHING?​​
Get it here​​
Delirium is a set of 40+ After Effects plug-ins that do a variety of effects, from fire, bubble, snow to distortion effects, muzzle flares and more.
StarGates is a puzzle/strategy game that I created and released as shareware. I created the concept, the game play, the graphics and the game engine. The 3D font was rendered with TypeCaster (below), a plug-in for Photoshop that I worked on at Xaos Tools.
Lunar Lander is a game I wrote for the Apple Newton. 

It was a #1 download on AOL for a few weeks, and was featured in the Newton store in downtown San Francisco.

Apple's Newton laid the groundwork for the iPhone.​​​
TypeCaster is a 3D text Photoshop plug-in. I created the UI for this, and helped the lead designer debug mission critical pieces of code, that we converted from an SGI product.

I​​ Learned a tremendous amount about 3D programming, Font rendering, textures and lighting.
Foul Play is the british version of the board game "Clue". I created the multimedia engine for panoramic views, and character animations. Won several innovation awards.
Check out the Delirium manual.