Chris Athanas
Android Software Developer
What I Do

   I create software solutions that match customers needs. I concentrate on the user's experience and take into account their desires first. I created my first commercial software company DigiEffects by delivering easy to use products that solved motion graphics artist problems.

                I am familiar with modern internet technologies as well as being proficient in image processing and user interface design. I'm fluent in most popular languages including: Java, Javascript, C, C++, PHP and others. I am familiar with RESTful API's, JSON, PhoneGap, MySQL, HTTPS, CSS, HTML, Email and e-commerce solutions. I enjoy creating elegant UX/UI and readable code. And yes, I comment!​​ I have created custom code that works with eBay, BigCommerce, FaceBook and twitter.

               I'm also proficient with Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, After Effects and similar motion graphics and image processing tools.​​ I have worked on several documentary films, including American Drug War, and Ten Planks. I have won an award for my work at Austin Community Access Center, where I had a live call-in TV show for three years.

How I'm Different

   I'm not the typical by-the-book programmer. I was primarily self-taught, and have seen the computer industry grow from being involved in the first personal computers in the late 70's. I have owned or used most every machine that has come out and have seen the progression of technology.

            ​​Still one thing remains the same, the end user experience. I still care about how software is perceived by the customer, as perception is reality. How software looks and feels is just as important to how useful it is. Getting all these balanced is an art that I employ and am constantly seeking to further.
           I enjoy working in a team environment, and revel in collaboratie efforts. ​​I have a fun sense of humor that is conveyed in my work and attitude.

           ​​Work/life balance is a priority for me. I am a yoga practitioner for over 15 years, and I find the effort dedicated to a spiritual practice overflows into all areas of my life.​​​ I have come to learn that a good work/life balance makes me more productive, more fun to be around, and a better human being in general.
How I Got Started

   I have been programming computers since I was 7 years old. I have always been interested in all aspects of computing, including robotics, user interface design, games, special effects, communications and interactivity. 

    I have worked in several of the early desktop publishing and image processing start-ups. I have seen the evolution of interaction as well as the refinement of the technologies.

               I got interested in shareware games and motion graphics​​ tools, and the motion graphics tools took off, so I pursued that market, created innovative products and targeted marketing, and eventually sold that company.

               I then took a semi-retirement and explored yoga, conciousness, the nature of the ego, biking, music festivals, sacred geometry, space travel, drones and independent film production.

               I got excited about mobile software development after dabbling with the tools, and truly inspired by a TED talk on abundance.​​​​

  • I have android apps in the google play store, click there -->
  • ​​​​I have created software for over 30 years. Here are a few
  • ​I created and ran a motion graphics software​ company called DigiEffects, and sold it several years ago. Here is the current website, they still sell software I wrote 15 yrs ago.​
  • My software has won many awards. Here are a few

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